Outdoor Photographic Opportunities at Darver Castle

Outdoor Wedding Photos

Our all-time favourite photos to stare at are outdoor wedding photos. They each have something unique and beautiful. The backdrop of Darver Castle, the many water features, our famous swing and Darver Castle woods complement any photo!

Rustic and whimsical are two words that describe wedding day photos taken in Darver Castle Woods. To get the best pictures, see some ideas below linked!


Creative Ideas For Wedding Photos

Wedding outdoor photos are dreamy, so get as much as you can. Start with an aerial view of your outdoor wedding. Capture the couple, guests, decor, and the details.  Make it romantic by closing your eyes and inhaling nature while the camera clicks away. Capture the first kiss, ring exchanges, and the couple’s solemn look into the sky on their bright wedding day.


When it comes to taking jaw-dropping wedding photos, here are a few tips:


  • Get comfortable in front of the camera
  • Choose an experienced wedding photographer
  • Make a list of photos you want captured
  • Have family close by for the all important family shots!


Another piece of advice I always give to couples: don’t skimp on your wedding photographer. If you really want gorgeous wedding photos (and who doesn’t?) you should invest in a high-quality wedding photographer who knows what they are doing. Select someone who just gets you, as a couple. Somebody who is seriously talented and knows how to make you look your best!

Have a look at our gallery for some inspiration

Have a look at Weddings Online photographer list

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